The Old Monica

Ca’ del Monica derives from the name of the Monica family, of which the owner, Giorgio belongs, who transformed the family residence in the historic center of Manarola into an elegant guest-house, ideal for couples who want to enjoy a romantic stay in the Cinque Terre.
The progenitor of the family, The Old Monica, was a singular character in the village of Manarola, holder of that ancient and simple local wisdom, which often translated into short phrases, spoken in a low voice, which we call proverbs.
The Old Monica, whose name was Lorenzo, was capable of doing a little bit of everything. He was a fisherman during the anchovies season, he was a farmer in the care of the family vineyards and he was a carpenter, with a deep artistic sense despite his rough and reserved nature.
This complexity in the environment of Lorenzo’s life and the teachings handed down by generations of Manarola locals, emerged precisely in the pearls of wisdom that he carefully lavished on those who drew merit.
In short, the Monica was a genius loci of Manarola, holder of an almost infinite series of popular proverbs that we want to share with you, to make your stay as authentic and profound as possible.